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Black Friday falls at the end of November however many retailers have now started offering deals earlier on. With Christmas just around the corner, take advantage of online bargains so that you get the best price for what you need.

We curated some tips from various blogs to give you the top seven tips that can help you bag a good deal.

1. Research, research, research!

Even though various websites give you Black Friday offers, sometimes these may not be the best deals that are out there. Always do your own research by comparing prices and see if you get the value for money before you spend.

2. Make a shopping list and plan

Before any of the sales, make a shopping list before the Black Friday weekend so that you have ample time to do your research. If you can, once you’ve identified the website you’re buying from, add your items to a shopping basket and save. If the e-tailer doesn’t allow you to save your items, ensure that you add them to the wish list.

3. Make a budget and stick to it

After you’ve made your shopping list and done your initial research, make a note of what you are willing to spend on each item. By making a budget, this will help you avoid impulse buying (see next point) and if you manage to get a good deal and save some money for any contingencies.

4. Beware of the temptation

Sales are quite addictive where sometimes you would be tempted to buy something even though you don’t need it. Only buy what you can afford and if you REALLY need it.

5. Grab a good deal as soon as you see it

If you see a bargain on an item that’s on your list, get it straight away before it goes. Whilst doing your research, bookmark where you have seen the deals. If you have seen the best one, and it’s a Black Friday deal (on Black Friday weekend), take advantage since once it’s gone, it’s gone.

6. Get cashback

Try shopping using cashback sites to get cashback on your purchases. Bear in mind that the amount that you get back depends on the retailer. Check the terms and conditions for each site before you make your purchase.

7. Look at the small print

Sometimes there could be some hidden costs for delivery or could be an end-season item (or final-sale item) which means that once you’ve bought it, you won’t be able to return it. Also, check the returns policy to see how easy it would be for you to return the item.


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