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Start saving for your future.

What we offer?

We offer a range of savings accounts, whatever your needs. The ability and capacity to save money for the short or long term is an important step on the path to establishing financial well being and to building assets. The credit union helps you by encouraging the habit of saving.

If you develop the habit of putting some money in the credit union on a regular basis, saving will become less difficult. With M for Money Credit Union, we make it easy for you to save and help create a more secure future for yourself and your family.

Withdrawing Savings

You can withdraw your savings at any time by completing a share withdrawal from via the members’ online secure area. Payments are normally made by bank transfer free of charge within five working days of a request being received, however may take a little longer if demand is high so please give as much advance notice as possible.

Once a loan is granted, members will not be able to withdraw shares, unless the value of the shares is in excess of the loan balance repayable and payments are not in arrears.

There is also an option to apply for a loan, rather than to withdraw savings, and this may be a better option for some members so that savings are maintained for emergencies.

Members of M for Money can also now request an Engage card, which can be used in shops or withdraw money from cash machines. The card will be pre-loaded with your savings so you can use the money in your account directly, however there will be no overdraft facility on these cards.

Basic Savings Account

This is members’ main credit union savings account. Money in this account is also linked to your loan (if you take one). In order to maintain your membership of the credit union, you need to keep at least £1 in your credit union main savings account.

To set up your savings account, contact us via email on

Junior Savings Accounts

Under 16 and want to save? Want to help your child to save? Anyone under the age of 16 who lives in London Boroughs of Harrow, Hillingdon and Brent, the counties of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire including Milton Keynes or Chiltern is eligible to open a Junior Saver’s Account. An existing adult member needs to endorse the opening of an account.

Opening an account is an ideal way to enable young people to save. If you are a parent or grandparent opening an account for a child, it is an ideal way to help build up a nest egg for the future through making regular payments or one-off gifts on birthdays and special occasions.

Junior members of M for Money received a dividend paid to their credit union account for the last four years. Junior Savers can save up to £5000.

Upon the young person’s 16th birthday, their account will be transferred to full adult membership with voting rights. Under 18s are not eligible for loans.

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Xmas Savings Account

Xmas savings accounts are very popular among our members. You can save from January to December. Your funds will automatically be paid into your nominated bank account in the last week of November.

To set up your savings account, contact us via email on

Holiday Savings Account

You can start planning your holiday with us by opening a Holiday Savings Account. You can save as much as you want and whenever you wish. When you are ready, you can take all your money out to pay for that dream holiday.

To set up your savings account, contact us via email on