M for Money celebrates World Earth Day - M4Money Credit Union

Happy Earth Day!

It’s the day where communities all over the world come together to celebrate our Earth in order to continue enlightening its inhabitants of the importance of conserving the environment.

Here is how you can contribute towards a greener planet:

Go paperless

If you are applying for a loan, use our online web app to make your application. You can also sign up to use online banking instead of printing and sending us your bank statements.

Improve energy efficiency in your home

Whether it’s replacing light bulbs with led ones or upgrading your boiler, there are several ways that you can make great improvements to your home to make it more energy-efficient. Our blog post on energy-saving tips can show you how. Consider our home equity loan when you are doing your home improvements projects. This will not help you save energy that’s good for the earth, but also help you save.

Recycle paperwork

If you get any paperwork that you no longer require, make sure you shred and recycle rather than tossing it in the bin.

Get an alternative to driving a car

Instead of driving, help reduce your carbon footprint by looking for an alternative means of transport such as riding a bike or electric scooter. Our new transport loan can help you buy that alternative. Together we can protect Earth for future generations.