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As it was World Environmental Day on 05 June 2022, we thought we would share some quick tips on you can save money while saving the environment.

1. Turn off the water

Do you leave the water running when brushing your teeth or while washing dishes? Turn off the tap when you are not using the water. Whilst having a shower, set a timer for four minutes. By limiting the amount of water you are using, you will not only save water but also save money on your water bills.

Also, collect rainwater and use it in the garden and irrigation.

2. Unplug and turnoff

Did you know that your appliances still use power when you leave them plugged in all the time, even though you aren’t using them? Therefore, unplug your appliances and you will be saving energy plus saving on your monthly energy bills.

If you are leaving a room and there is no one else using it, switch off the lights. Also, only switch them on if it’s necessary.

3. Get your own grocery bags

Instead of buying and using single-use plastic bags in the supermarket, take your own reusable bags with you for your groceries. This way, you will be cutting down on your plastic waste and saving money.

4. Get a reusable water bottle

Ditch one-time plastic bottles which are terrible for the environment (plus a waste of money) and get yourself a reusable water bottle that you can refill. This way you will be saving money as you won’t be buying mineral water from the stores and helping the environment at the same time.

5. Reuse plastic containers

When you get takeaway food plastic containers, ice cream tubs, or other containers from shop-bought food such as hummus containers, wash and re-use them to store leftovers or for taking packed lunch to school or work. This way you will be saving money that you would otherwise used to buy containers. You are also protecting the environment.

6. Reduce food waste

Food prices have gone up therefore it’s never been a better time to learn how to reduce food waste. YOu can do this by:

  • Being creative with leftovers;
  • Understanding what expiry and best-before dates mean;
  • Buying only what you need;
  • Learning how to store food properly

7. Ditch your car and go green

Use alternative means of transport if you can get somewhere where you can avoid using your car. This way you will be saving fuel costs and at the same time, reduce air pollution. If you choose to walk or cycle, you will also be getting some exercise while getting to your destination. That’s a triple win!

8. Reduce paper waste

Need to clean up spills? Use a rag instead of a paper towel. You can make your own rags by cutting up old t-shirts. Using paper cups to get your takeaway coffee? Why not swap it for a reusable coffee cup. In fact, some stores even give you a discount if you bring your own.

Have you got ways to save money that can help the environment? Let us know so that we can add it to this list.

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