How to create an unforgettable Christmas (on a budget) - M4Money Credit Union

Especially after Christmas that we had in 2020, many will be making the most of future Christmases so that they can spend them with their loved ones and make them unforgettable.

The costs of Christmas spending can spiral out of control if you aren’t careful therefore those who are struggling financially will be in bigger debt than they were previously.

Therefore we have put together some tips on how to create a Christmas on a budget that will hopefully make it magical and unforgettable not just for you but others too.

1. Plan ahead and make a Christmas budget.

Before you start planning, make a list of everything that you need to do from knowing who you are buying Christmas gifts for to a food and drinks list and all the activities that you would like to do.

Make a Christmas budget and think about “what can I afford to spend?”

After you have made your lists and budget, think about how you will be able to control your spending and at the same time make it an unforgettable Christmas.

2. Shopping for food:

With Christmas comes the celebrations, family time and not forgetting all the scrumptious food. Get our money-saving tips when shopping for Christmas food here.

3. Make it magical for children

  • Get crafty

It’s almost holiday time for the school children therefore get craft with them by creating Christmas decorations such as creating paper chains, popcorn strings, cards and even wrapping paper.

  • Make homemade gifts with them

A thrifty way to give presents is to make them. Therefore by getting your children in baking cookies or muffins will keep them occupied plus have your gifts made.

  • Write a letter to Father Christmas.

Get your children to write to Father Christmas. He will respond or you can make up a response on his behalf. You can find more details here

  • Make a gingerbread house with them.
  • Decorate your Christmas tree (and your home) with them.
  • Decorate Christmas biscuits with them.
  • Start new family traditions.
  • Create a reusable advent calendar
  • Stuff stockings for them
  • make them hot chocolate
  • Tell them that you love them
  • Leave some clues to make it look like Father Christmas has been. For example, have a half-munched carrot in the garden to be discovered, floury boot prints and a half-eaten cookie.

4. Make a special moment for someone lonely or an elderly neighbour

While many have family and friends to share the Christmas holidays with, there are some who may be lonely and feel isolated during this. Make it an unforgettable Christmas by doing something nice such as giving a hand with quick tasks such as drop off shopping, make a dish for them, or simply keep in touch with them by phoning them, giving a card or small present.

5. Do something good at Christmas

Make someone else’s Christmas unforgettable by donating your time, money or something that you no longer need that can be beneficial to someone else.

For example, use supermarkets coupons to make cheap donations. If you want to give but don’t have spare cash, check out MSE Supermarket Coupons page to see if you can get suitable items for free or at a discount.

Volunteer at a local food bank (visit the Trussell Trust website to find yours).

6. Be on the lookout for free Christmas experiences

  • As a family, watch special family movies together, go on a walk to look at the Christmas lights, play board games together or simply just have a laugh together.
  • Go to your local area’s switching on of the Christmas lights.
  • Dance to cheesy Christmas songs.
  • Have a festive picnic in your living room
  • Give gratitude – light a candle and give thanks. You can write a list of everything that you are grateful for.

7. Keep in touch

Get in touch with family or friends that you haven’t spoken to in a while. You can call them or send them a Christmas card. Be on the lookout for the Christmas post deadlines so that you can plan ahead. This way you can take advantage of a second class post rather than first-class stamps which can get expensive.

If you would like to spend time with loved ones that live elsewhere in the UK, book your train tickets in advance to take advantage of low rates. If you’ve left it late, don’t worry. There could still be cheap advance tickets available. You can get more information here.

8. Plan for next Christmas

You can never get enough of Christmas. By planning for next Christmas, you will be ahead of the game when it comes to budgeting for next year.

  • Start saving for next Christmas

You can open a Christmas Savings Account to help you start saving for next Christmas. You can withdraw your savings at the end of November of the next year. Simply email us to set up your Christmas Savings Account.

  • End-of-sales deals

Stock up on decorations, Christmas trees, cards, gifts and wrapping paper in the January sales.

Don’t forget to put them in a ‘Christmas box’ so that you don’t buy more later on.

We hope that you have a wonderful (and an unforgettable Christmas). Merry Christmas!