How to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 - M4Money Credit Union

As a community, here is how you can celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

1. Host a garden party

Have a garden tea party complete with scones, tea and sandwiches.

You could even play some traditional games such as blind man’s buff, croquet, and cricket.

Bad weather? Get a marquee or celebrate indoors. You can get the board games out, play charades or party games such as musical chairs, pin the crown on the queen, “The Queen Says” (a take on “Simon Says”) or pass the parcel.

2. Host a pub quiz from home

Make it themed complete with a makeshift pub meal such as fish and chips. Some of the categories that you could include in the quiz are:

  • History of the Queen’s 70 year-reign
  • Facts about the Queen
  • Geography about the Commonwealth countries
  • Movies/TV Series based on the Royal Family
  • Music through the decades of the Queen’s reign

3. Have a jubilee picnic in the park

If you don’t have garden space, then head out to your local park and enjoy a picnic in the park. You could make some sandwiches, take some tea, scones, biscuits etc.

4. Hold a dessert-making competition

You can either ask your participants to make their own jubilee dessert or you could have a key ingredient where everyone would have to incorporate that ingredient into their recipe.
The winner could be the one with the most votes.

5. Entertaining children?

Create paper crowns or bunting which they can wear to a jubilee party. You can get them involved in organising the party so that they can inject their own creativity into it.

How will you be celebrating? We would love to know :-). Email us on or tag us on social media with your photos.