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The Chinese New Year begins on 01 to 15 February. This year will be the year of the tiger. It’s also known to be the year for good fortune and a good year to make money. A good way to do this is through feng shui.

The Chinese believe in feng shui, a metaphysical philosophy that brings harmony to an environment.

Good feng shui can bring you wealth and good fortune if you strive for it. It gives you the necessary support to seek your wealth and fortune.

Feng shui also helps suggest different methods to create a productive environment. Your home and office environment can strengthen you and attract the feng shui energies of prosperity and wealth.

Here are some ways that feng shui for good fortune and money luck

  1. Get your financial house in order

Keep money flowing into your life by keeping your finances in order and tidy. It’s believed that the more you pay attention to money, the more it pays attention to you.

No matter what your financial situation is, make it a point to keep your financial life in check. Clean out your files or create a filing system to keep your bills and payments orderly.

Once you begin paying close attention to money, your energy shifts and money starts coming in. Ignore money and money will ignore you.

2. Clear up any “money drains” in your home

This basically means that you should give your home a good declutter; fix any broken lights/leaky taps; get rid of damaged crockery and make sure there everything is in working order.

Also, if you have plants that look sad, pitch them. It’s better to have no plants than plants that look unhealthy.

3. Create a Good Chi Flow

According to feng shui, a good chi flow brings upward moving energy with spaciousness, comfort, and calming rhythm. For example, make sure hallways are free of clutter and objects. Put pleasant images on your walls.

4. Always feng shui your desk for abundance

  • Keep your desk clean, tidy and not full of clutter
  • Don’t keep old receipts, bills, or trash on your desk
  • Make sure that your computer is clean and dust-free
  • You can also declutter your computer files and email inbox to make room for new energy to enter your work

5. Feng shui your wallet (and your purse) for abundance

Like your desk, your wallet is another place that can get cluttered with old receipts, shopping lists, trash and even used chewing gum (yuk!). Make some time at least once a week to declutter your wallet.

  • Organise your banknotes

If possible, straighten out your notes and make sure it’s not folded or crammed. Organise them in value order starting with the least to the greatest.

  • Get a coin purse for loose change or remove the change from your wallet/purse.

If you lose coins often, then it’s time to get a coin purse or a special place to collect any coins.

  • Every few days, empty that change into a bowl/glass jar at home.

By finding a money area in your home, you can put your spare change here and watch it grow. When you have enough, why not put that into an M for Money savings account?

  • Got holes in your wallet? Fix or replace it.

Keep a money mantra in your wallet and repeat it to yourself whenever you spend money or open your wallet. You can read some of our money mantras here.


The beauty about feng shui is that when you work with wealth, you attract all sorts of abundance. And in return, you can offer gratitude for all of the prosperity that you receive. What’s more, it helps you look after your home and belongings in a practical way,

Wishing you all success and good fortune for the year ahead.