Board member runs the London Marathon - M4Money Credit Union

Sonia Hay, a board member at M for Money Credit Union, and her daughter Deanne Hay recently ran the London Marathon together to raise money for Young Lives vs Cancer. They were inspired to participate after Sonia’s son and Deanne’s brother, Kyle, battled cancer twice.

The Hay family benefitted greatly from the charity’s support during Kyle’s illnesses, and Sonia and Deanne wanted to give back. Their training involved running in all kinds of weather, including during their vacation in Barbados. Sonia admitted to a mix of emotions before the marathon, including excitement, nervousness, and fear.

Despite initial doubts from some who knew Sonia, both she and Deanne persevered. M for Money Credit Union is proud to congratulate Sonia and Deanne on their remarkable achievement and their dedication to raising awareness and funds for families facing similar challenges.

You can read the full article on BBC’s website.