Engage Cards failure

Recently members with Engage Cards were sent some communication indicating that a new card would be sent to them and that the sort code and account number which they were sent was to be given to their credit union.

Several members contacted us to give us the new card sort codes and account numbers. As Engage cards is a third party provider, we don’t keep this information on our records therefore we’ve had to decline these offers.

It transpires that no one has been sent a new card and that the system for loading cards will no longer respond to the transfers that we put through for members.

Our staff have contacted Engage Cards who apologised for the issues caused and confirmed that a provider that they use has created the problem and that their switchboard is now jammed with calls.

We understand how much our members rely on the card transfers and we apologise for the miscommunication and inconvenience that has been caused by Engage Cards. Engage Cards are trying to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

As some of you may already know that we intending to transfer to a new card provider called the Change Account. We are currently working with them on an improved implementation date.

M for Money launches Automatic Lending Module

Members and non-members alike can apply for a loan of up to £750 repayable over 9 months using our new fast application process.

This is our response to Pay Day Lenders because:

  • Last year in Reading residents took out a staggering 56,788 Pay Day Loans valued at £15M.
  • In Milton Keynes they took out 46,574 Pay Day Loans valued at £11.7M.
  • In Harrow it was 33,299 Pay Day Loans valued at £9.5M.
  • In Slough they took 27,899 Pay Day Loans valued at £7.8M.

Take a look at what they could have saved with M for Money by comparison to Pay Day lenders :

“Just Borrow” was designed to stop the small loan “Rip Off” so if you need a small loan fast click on the link and get started.